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Our mission is to inspire and encourage children to be artists by providing basic tools and inspiration for them to create. Every Young at ART bag sold, will also provide a bag to a child in need.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Art?

Why Art you ask?  Listen to what these folks have to say about it...

"Fostering creativity won't just increase your child's chances of becoming the next Picasso. You're also helping him develop mentally, socially, and emotionally, says Ecklund-Flores. Creating art may boost young children's ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways, according to Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of Primary Art: It's the Process, Not the Product

As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve. By counting pieces and colors, they learn the basics of math.

 When children experiment with materials, they dabble in science. 

Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence. And children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room."

Parents.com, Why Art and Creativity Are Important, Paula Bernstein

     Looking for a gift that encourages time "unplugged"?  A Young at Art bag makes a great educational and creative gift!  It teaches and inspires and provides the tools needed, and best of all--it all comes in a sturdy canvas bag for storing, carrying, or traveling!

Young at Art Sketch bag is great for kids 3 and older!
Young at Art Sculpture bag is great for kids 4 and older!

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Friday, November 4, 2016

A Special Announcement!



Young at Art bags will be available from now through the end of the year at a reduced price!  Just in time for your holiday shopping!!

"I love the books provided in the Young at Art bag that teach
children about artists and encourage the children to try different
methods and styles, just as the well-known artists did....I know from many
years in the classroom that children crave opportunities to express
themselves through art and that opportunity is so 
lacking in school these days.
Research shows that children perform so much better academically 
if they are given lots of opportunities to express themselves
through the arts."
Carolyn VandenAkker, Elementary School Teacher

Learn about Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and more!  When did they become artists?  Who encouraged them to draw?

"When I got the Young at Art bag in the mail, I immediately knew that it would be a great candidate
for our (homeschool) morning time!...My favorite part is that everything I need to
teach art appreciation is right in the bag!  Children get to see what the artist looked like
and examples of their work....My children ask each morning if we can learn about
another artist and that makes me so happy!  We are learning and creating.  Most of all, my kids
are excited and proud of their work!
Thanks Young at Art!!
Amy Maze, Living and Learning At Home

How small can you make a sculpture?  What is an abstract sculpture? 
What materials can you make a sculpture from?

"I have been an elementary school Art Specialist for fourteen years and really see
the importance of art in children's lives.  Art allows a child to take
things they learn like math, science, history, and language arts and use
them to create something beautiful that communicates emotions on a
different level.  Young at Art bags contain quality materials that are fun to use!"
Peggy, Elementary School Art Specialist

Want to encourage the young people you know to spend more time 
"unplugged"?  Young at Art books and bags do just that!

From now through the end of the year, 
Young at Art bags will be available for
only $19.95!

(This is a savings to you of $5.05!!)

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Candy Art

Candy, candy, candy....all that candy! We have an idea for you today that might help spare a few cavities and stomach aches by using that candy for something other than eating! Who said art has to stick with crayons, paint, and clay? Why not create art with candy and candy wrappers! Take a look at what our Young At Art crew came up with!

Make sure you save all those wrappers from your Halloween night harvest! See what candy art you can create and be sure to email pictures of your master piece to us so we can add it our gallery!

We found some more inspiration online for all you artists. This also includes you teenage artists! There are some pretty incredible things you can make with candy wrappers! Check it out!

***Stay tuned for new Young At Art bag Holiday pricing coming in November!!***

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What's It All About?

     Since we have a few new readers to our blog, we would like to take just a minute to share again what Young at Art is all about.
     A little over two years ago, we had something happen in our family that changed our lives forever.  Our ninth grandchild was very unexpectedly born thirteen weeks early and came into this world weighing 1 lb. 6 oz.   There was great concern, not only for his life, but also for our daughter's life.  Thankfully, Jodee began to improve soon after the birth, but our little guy was in for a long rough road.  
     At the age of one week, he was lifeflighted to Primary Children's Hospital where he would undergo more than one surgery and spend the first six months of his life.  After a short 3 months home, he was back in the hospital for more surgery and then spent the next four months in a rehabilitation center.
     The good news is--he has made incredible progress over the last two years and the
prognosis is that in another year or two he will be equal to others in his age group!!
SO much to be thankful for!!

     So--what does that have to do with Young at Art?  About the time this little guy was born, we had been pondering what we could do for a type of "give back" project.  Art had become a big part of our lives as Dan was developing his career doing contemporary metal sculpture.  Well, life kind of came to a standstill with the birth of this baby.  Our world now centered around helping to take care of his three older brothers,  trying to support our daughter and son-in-law, and lots of visits to the hospital.
     Primary Children's Hospital is truly an amazing place and the doctors and nurses there are truly amazing people.  You can't help but become attached to them--because they are so attached to the children.  
     It didn't take us too long to put two and two together.  We wanted a "give back" project that would involve art and would involve giving back to the hospital.  We wanted to come up with something that all children would enjoy and learn from, but could also be given to a child who might be in need of a little break from hurting and suffering and could use some inspiration and fun.
     This became Young at Art.  We created a bag and an art book.  The book tells of six master artists and has an assignment for the child to do after each artist.  It also includes a sketch pad, crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

     We decided that for every bag we would sell, we would donate one to either a hospital or a shelter.  

     Our family became a part of it too.  Our grandkids drew stick figure pictures of themselves which became our logo.

     So far, we have been able to donate bags to Primary Children's Hospital, Shriner's Hospital, and two shelters.

     This year we created our second bag which focuses on sculpture.  The book tells of more master artists and again has an assignment after each artist.  It includes a sketch pad, modeling clay, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and foil.

     We have great hopes and dreams of being able to do much, much more.  Art is a great blessing in our lives.  We love that our grandkids consider themselves artists and have a great time with their art bags.  They are well on their way of becoming great artists and art appreciators!  Besides bringing joy, we have learned much over the last year about how beneficial art can be to help all children learn in many different ways and in different areas.  We agree totally with all of it.  But mostly, we just think art is FUN!

     It has truly been a joy to see how anxious the hospitals have been to receive the bags and are so willing to take as much as we can give them.  Primary Children's Hospital has a "school room" where patients can go, when they feel up to it, to try to keep up on their school work.  We know the bags are put to good use there.      
     We hope you will consider Young at Art bags as you begin your holiday shopping this year.  When you purchase a bag to give to someone you love, then we can give one to a child in need.  It's a win-win situation! We invite you to be apart of our blog, like us on Facebook, visit our website, our Etsy shop, and to contact us at any time if you have any questions.  

     A very big THANK YOU to all of you who have helped and supported our family in so many different ways!!



Friday, October 7, 2016

Young At Art Bag Review

A local elementary school art teacher was kind enough to take a look at our art bag and share her thoughts with us. She even included a drawing that she did using the art supplies in the bag! Thank you Peggy for taking the time to review our bag and for sharing your talent with us!

"I love Young at Art and its mission to inspire young artists. I have been an elementary school Art Specialist for fourteen years and really see the importance of art in children's lives. 

Art allows a child to take things they learn like math, science, history, and language arts and use them to create something beautiful that communicates emotions on a different level. 

The Young at Art bag contains quality materials that are fun to use. The book included in the bag relates interesting facts about master artists in language that is easy for kids to understand, and the assignments that follow each artist are fun and age-appropriate.
Thank you, Young at Art!

Sincerely, Peggy Cousineau

Thursday, September 22, 2016


            Happy Fall!!  It's that wonderful time again--time for hoodies, football,             hot chocolate, crunchy leaves, apple pie, pumpkins and sooooo much more!!

            Ok, we admit it.  We, at Young at Art, simply and absolutely love Fall!
Pretty much everything about it.  So when we found a "Fall Bucket List" we couldn't help but be fascinated with the idea and decided to make our own bucket lists.  We hope this gives you some ideas, because we want you to make up a list too!


1.  Make a fresh peach pie
2. Walk through crunchy leaves at least once a day
3.  Make homemade soup once a week
4.  Drive through the canyon to see the Autumn leaves.
5.Enjoy an evening by a campfire


1. Bake bread
2. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 
3. Enjoy the harvest from my garden
4. Make an apple pie
5. Open all the windows and feel the cool breeze


1. Have 10 Fall Fire Feasts (outdoor cookout) before the snow flies.
2.Take fun pictures of the kids playing in the leaves.
3. Decorate sugar cookies.
4. Make at least one item to add to my Fall decorations.
5. Go on lots of walks with the family.

             It has been said that "Autumn carries more gold in it's pocket than any other season".  It's true that the color gold can be seen often throughout the season, but we can also think of the value of gold.  Autumn holds plenty of golden opportunities for families to join together in fun activities. It brings out golden feelings of gratitude for the amazing blessings and prosperity we have.  And yes it paints canvases of golds, reds, oranges, and greens that aren't seen any other time of year. 

              So now it's your turn.  What do you want to do this Fall?  What do you want to share with your family?  Today is the first day of Autumn.  Make the most of it!!  Write down a bucket list and do it!  


(We'd love to hear what's on your bucket list!  Please share in the comments below)

Friday, July 1, 2016

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

We are so excited to announce our second book and art bag--

at etsy.com/shops/weareyoungatart

Young at Art Sculpture Book and Bag

Just a sample of what you will learn:

What artist was a sheepherder at the age of 7?
Who carved a sculpture of an elephant at the age of 4?
What artist made a giant sculpture of an ice cream cone?


to help inspire you to make your own creations,
we have included 

Young at Art Book 2
a Young at Art sketch pad
modeling clay
aluminum foil
popsicle sticks
pipe cleaners
all in a handy canvas Young at Art bag

Summer is perfect 
to spend time learning about famous sculptors
and getting creative!

Make a sculpture out of aluminum foil 
in the style of the famous sculptor

Young at Art bags are great learning tools for your own family
and make wonderful gifts for others!!
They are available right now at

We would love to see what you can create!
You can send images to 
Follow us at

For every Young at Art bag we sell, we donate one to a child in a hospital or shelter who could use a break from the challenges and difficulties they may be going through.                                         Art can be wonderful therapy--besides just being FUN!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Every Summer Has a Story


     Ready or not--summer is here!!  

     In our family, it was kind of a joke that every year on July 24th (a state holiday) my Dad would say, "Well, I guess it's about time to put the lawn chairs away."
What he meant is that time goes so fast, before you know it, we'll be putting up Christmas lights!  We used to groan every time he said that, but now we tend to agree with him! Dad's famous quote reminds me of a quote from Dr Seuss.

"How did it get so late so soon?  It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.  My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?"

     Well, we don't want this summer to fly by so fast that you can't hardly remember where it went.  So we have a challenge for you.  All of you.  Old, young, tall, short, big, little, or anywhere in between.  We'd like you to find yourself a blank sketch pad or blank paper that can be put into a notebook.  Your challenge is to take a few minutes each day and draw, color or paint something that you did that day or something you saw that day. It can be as simple or as complex as you would like.  

     Here are a few examples:

Aubrey, age 11, went to a very fun "school's out water party"!  There was a pool and lots of fun water games.  For a treat, she made "jelon" which is red Jello placed in a carved out watermelon!

Miles, age 9, drew this picture after his first swimming lesson of the season.

     At first, it might take a minute to think over the whole day and decide on something to sketch, but before long you will notice things throughout the day that you want to record in your sketch journal.  You might see a hummingbird, a sweet red strawberry, a shooting star, flags in a parade.  You might go on a vacation where you will see all sorts of new places and things.  What special friends and family members will you be making memories with?  Find a quiet time each day or evening and sketch a journal entry.  

Just imagine your sketch journal at the end of summer, filled with the sights and fun times that have filled your days!!

Every summer has a story.  Start sketching yours today!!

OH!! And we have a special announcement!!!

The Young at Art Summer Sketch Journal Club!!!

If you would like to accept our challenge to keep a sketch journal this summer, email us your name and mailing address and we'll send you one of our pocket size sketch pads for keeping notes and ideas!!  
at the end of summer show us your summer sketch journal and we'll send you a 
Young at Art T-shirt!

Send us images of your sketches throughout the summer and we'll post them on our website and on our Facebook page!
Join our club TODAY!!  We can't wait to hear from you!

Please share this with your friends and family!  

Friday, May 27, 2016

"Memories" Day?


     I'd rather not say how many years it has been since I was a child, but some of my childhood memories are as clear as if they were yesterday.  Such is the case every Memorial Day, or as my parents called it, "Decoration Day".

     Each time I smell a carnation I am magically transported to Marv Wallace's house where I would go each year with my mother to pick out flowers to take to the cemetery.
One can't quickly brush by a red, pink, or white carnation to appreciate it's fragrance. You have to stop, breath deep, and fill your lungs with the sweet fragrance!  The flowers, the colors, and the fragrances were unforgettable!
     I don't know if Marv grew the flowers himself or if he bought them from a wholesaler. But in my little girl mind he was an amazing gardener to be able to grow enough carnations, daisies, iris, and others to fill all the buckets lined up in his backyard.  


     Ah yes, the Iris. Most of the Iris we used came from our own yard or my aunt's yard.  There were gorgeous big purple and white ones growing in our yard. Once again, I can't look at an Iris without hearing in my mind my aunt's voice insisting that "they are not Iris, they are Flags!"  She had definite opinions about many things!  I think my dad would go out of his way to bring "Iris" into the conversation just to annoy her!


       Daisies have always been one of my favorites.  It's something about their simplicity and purity.  For anyone who has spent summer afternoons making dolls out of flowers such as daisies and hollyhocks, you will remember the velvety feel of the soft white petals


     Although I didn't fully understand it at the time, I knew it was a tender time for my parents as I watched them, holding hands, looking down at my sister's grave.
Today as I visit the cemetery with my own husband, the sight still takes my breath away.  It seems the green grass, the green trees, and the bouquets of flowers, dotted with small red, white, and blue flags go on for miles.  It is a tender time for me now as we  visit not only the graves of my sister, but also my parents, grandparents, and other family members who have moved on.  Though tender, it is truly a place of peace and beauty. 


     Memorial or "Decoration Day", just as it does now, signaled the beginning of summer.
Summer at our house meant "cook outs" which was just another name for a good old barbecue.  And when there was a barbecue, mom made her famous homemade ice cream!  Peach was my most favorite but that usually had to wait until late summer.  Vanilla, strawberry, and tutti-fruiti were early summer favorites. Nothing tastes more like summer  than homemade ice cream!


     As Dr Seuss said,  "Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."  My beloved memories of Decoration Day were not made from lavish weekend vacations or outings with expensive toys but of simple everyday occurrences that became special because of time spent with those I love.  

     Our hope is that you and your family will spend this weekend safely and making beloved memories of your own.

      Happy Memorial Day 
     from all of us at
     Young at Art

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Play with Clay?

"We don't stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing"
George Bernard Shaw

     This month we have talked about some of the therapeutic benefits of coloring for anyone from a toddler to the elderly with dementia.  Did you know that some of those same benefits can be found when using modeling clay?  

Research shows that:
     Clay has a natural appeal, just like water and sand.  Clay is a wonderful tactile medium that can be very calming for both children and adults.  Manipulating the clay can be a physical outlet for conveying emotions and reducing stress. Working with clay builds self-esteem.  It is easy to work with giving a child a feeling of being in control as they pound, roll, shape, flatten, and tear.

Ella, age 7

     When a child has learned to express their personal vision in clay, they become empowered in ways that go beyond the art room and they feel a sense of accomplishment when a project is finished.
from artistree.com

More reasons to play:
-Clay naturally stimulates a child's curiosity.  It is so fascinating to the child that it motivates them to work for longer periods of time extending the attention span of some children.

-Working with clay improves dexterity and uses both small and large muscles  Children use their arms, back and shoulders to mold clay.  It also increases a child's eye-hand coordination.

-Children's imaginations are stimulated through the use of clay.  They stretch their minds to develop new ideas.

-A child that learns at an early age that anything that can be imagined can be created is more likely to be more creative and intelligent than a child that only plays with manufactured toys.
from examiner.com/article/the-benefits-of-working-with-clay-for-kids

Aubrey, age 10

Again, we find this information fascinating and we agree with every bit of it. We also agree with Albert Einstein who said:

"Play is the highest form of research"

 So we did some research of our own.  We asked six members of our team
 (ages 3 to 12) to answer this question:

What do YOU like about playing with clay?

Their responses were:
"Gasp! You can make fun shapes and it feels funny!"
"You can make almost anything you want with it"
"You can build people out of it"
"I like to put guys in it and cover them up!"
"I can use my imagination and make stuff"
"It's just....fun!"

So based on another scientific Young at Art study, we have determined that 
playing with clay benefits your mind, your body, and your soul
but mostly..... it's just plain FUN
and we highly recommend it!!


(Coming Soon!! Young at art Book 2 and sculpture art bag!!)